An Easy And Safe Way To Get Rid Of Waste Paper Documents

Storing documents in filing cabinets and boxes is becoming a thing of the past for most businesses. Not only does this method take up space, but it is terribly difficult to find particular documents when they are needed. To solve this problem, most companies are storing their documents electronically. This is safer and takes up less space, but these companies must still figure out a way to get rid of their paper documents, and here is one solution that many businesses are turning to.

Lock box recycling services

Even if your company puts all its documents on computers, you may still have a physical paper trail of information. This paper trail may include applications, forms, and other documents, and these items could contain sensitive, personal information. Because of this, you cannot throw these away in the trash. One option you have is to shred these documents, but this takes time and effort, but there is another option.

Through lock box recycling services, you can have the perfect way to eliminate your documents in a safe, easy manner. This service will require getting a document storage recycling box, which will be provided by the recycling company. You can place this box indoors or outdoors, and you will use it for all of your paper waste. The box contains a lock, so no one can get into it, yet it will have a slot that allows you to easily push your documents in it.

Features and benefits of this service

There are many benefits of choosing this method for recycling your documents, including:

  • It requires no work – You will never have to shred a document or haul boxes of documents to a shredding company. The company will come to you to pick up your items when your box is full.
  • It is safe – The second benefit of this service is that it is completely safe. You will not have to worry about your documents landing in the wrong hands.
  • It is environmentally-friendly – When the company picks up your paper, they will shred it so that the information is completely gone on the documents. The shredded pieces are sent to paper companies, and they are recycled and turned into new paper products.

To learn more about this service, contact a document storage and recycling company in your area. They will be able to tell you more about this option and any others that are available.