About Cleaning Up A Junky Backyard & The Efficiency Of A Dumpster Rental

Did you develop a bad habit of throwing junk in the backyard and want an efficient way to get rid of it? The most efficient way to get rid of all of the junk is by tossing it into a big dumpster, which can be rented for as long as you need it. Below, learn how a big dumpster can make cleaning up a junky backyard efficient and what the rental costs.

How Does a Big Dumpster Rental Make Cleaning Up Easier?

Without a big dumpster rental, you would end up having to put trash by the curb in front of your house. Large trash items are usually only removed on certain days as per the laws in your specific city. If you leave trash by the curb before big trash pickup day, it is possible that you will end up being fined by the city. You can also get fined by the Homeowners Association in your neighborhood if there is one.

Using average sized home dumpsters can lead to the cleaning task taking a long time. For instance, rather than getting rid of all of the trash at once, you will have to drive to the dump yard multiple times. The trips to the dump yard will not only be tiring, but you will have to waste gas doing it. You can get a dumpster rental that is as large as 40 cubic yards.

Keep in mind that dumpster rentals usually have capacity limits that are based on cubic yards, so make sure that you rent one that is sufficient enough for the task at hand. If you rent a dumpster that is too small and go over capacity, the rental company might charge an extra fee. There may also be guidelines as to what can be placed inside of the dumpster, so make sure that you check in advance. Usually, as long as the items are not dangerous (explosive, toxic), they can be placed in a dumpster rental.

How are Dumpster Rentals Priced?

Rental companies charge based on the number of days that the dumpster is needed. The amount of trash that the dumpster can hold will also be factored into the price. If you will only need the dumpster for about three or four days, you can expect it to cost a minimum of $90. Clean up your backyard in an efficient manner by renting a big dumpster from a business like Lakeshore Recycling!