Turning An Old Wine Or Liquor Bottle Into A Cool Plate

Wine and liquor bottles can be really unique when it comes to the color of the glass and the shape of the bottle itself. Instead of throwing your used wine or liquor bottles in the trash can, you can create a completely cool and unusual plate with them. These little plates are great for hanging as display pieces, using as a cheese board, and they also make terrific gifts. Instead of bottle recycling,  transform that consumed bottle of vodka into something completely different that's also useful. 

Prep Your Bottles

Before you work on turning that old bottle of wine into a plate, make sure the bottles are completely clean. Use hot, soapy water and fill the bottles up and rinse them several times. Wipe the front of the bottle gently with a clean washcloth and place the bottle on a drier rack to dry. The bottles need to be completely free of any excess liquor or sediment before you can transform them into plates. You will also need to remove the paper label from the front of the bottle by using a scrubbing sponge to scrape it off. Make sure you thoroughly remove all of the glue from the bottle as well.

Melting The Bottles

You will need to use a glass fusing kiln in order to melt the bottle down to a flat shape. Be sure you wear protective gloves when putting the bottle in and taking it out of the kiln. Any fingerprints on the bottle will leave a spot during the firing process so avoid touching it with your bare hands. Once you've placed it into the kiln, keep a close eye on the process and watch as it slowly "slumps" down from a cylindrical shape into a flat, plate-like one. Be sure not to leave the bottle in the kiln for too long or it will fuse together and just look like a solid piece of new glass instead of a melted bottle shape.

Decorating Your Bottle Plate

You can add a small hook to the back of your newly made bottle plate for hanging on the wall as a display. Or, tie a ribbon around the top where the bottle neck was to give it a little flair. The shape of your plate should still look like a bottle except that it's now completely flat. Paint the front of the plate using glass paints, or add a new label to it to make it look like it was a bottle of alcohol that just happened to become melted. Get creative with your newly made plate and share them as awesome gifts or use them to serve appetizers at your next party.