Add A Beautiful Backdrop Or Forefront To Your Fenced In Jacuzzi

If you have decided to purchase a wrought iron fence to surround the inground jacuzzi that you recently purchased, envision how you would like to fill the space that separates the edge of the hot tub and the fence. Landscape rocks and native plants can be used to create a dramatic backdrop or forefront that can be enjoyed while spending time soaking. As long as you have a viable way to enter and exit the water feature, which will not disrupt the new landscaping features, this type of upgrade will be something that you may wish to pursue.

Landscape Rocks Will Add Dimension, Color, And Texture

Landscape rocks are often used to fill flowerbeds, line driveways, and cover bare patches of earth that grass doesn't tend to grow well on. They can also be used to improve drainage or prevent weed growth. There are many natural and faux landscape rock varieties. These materials are often recycled and repurposed, giving an end user a plethora of opportunities to redecorate their property as often as desired. Begin the planning of your project by researching rock varieties.

If you decide to purchase a manmade variety and are concerned about how environmentally safe the rocks will be, contact a rock supplier and request information about the materials that are used to form each decorative piece. The rocks may be constructed of renewable materials that are nontoxic. Choose rock varieties that are unusual or that contain a bold pattern or color.

For instance, if you would like to add white pebbles to the base of the section that will contain plants, maybe a black or purple rock variety would appeal to you, since either one of these colors will be opposite of the light-colored pebbles that you have selected.

Natural Features That Are Found In The Area May Interest You

If you want the outdoor area to look as natural as possible and would like to use some rock varieties that are native to the area or that are often seen dispersed across terrain that specific plant varieties grow in, tie the two themes together.

Choose rocks that are reminiscent of the area and purchase plant types that are also found in the region that you live in. Before you request that the rocks are delivered to your residence, clear the property where the plants will be added. Create a hole for each plant's root system. Use soil to cover the roots. Water the plants. Next, add a layer of pebbles across the surface of the plant bed. Once the rocks are delivered, use them to outline the plants or place them randomly inside of the plant bed.

Contact a company like Portland Sand & Gravel Co Inc to learn more about getting landscape rock delivered.