Homeowners: Can You Use Recycled Asphalt For Your Driveway?

If you plan to redo your entire driveway soon, you may use virgin asphalt to lay down your pavement. But if virgin asphalt isn't an affordable option for you, you may consider using concrete or bricks to complete your driveway. You can create the driveway you want with recycled asphalt. The information below can help you learn more about recycled asphalt and why it may be a good option for your driveway.

Where Does Recycled Asphalt Come From?

Although many homeowners choose to use virgin, or brand new, asphalt to pave their driveways, some residents use recycled asphalt instead. Recycled asphalt, also known as reclaimed asphalt, contains old asphalt pavement. Old asphalt still contains all of the things that make it a resilient and reliable material for pavements, including rocks, minerals, and aggregate. However, recycled asphalt is more cost-effective than virgin asphalt is today.

Old asphalt goes through a unique recycling process before it's repurposed or used. Paving contractors, pavers, and recycling companies remove all of the debris from the asphalt during the process, including excess moisture, dirt, and dead insects. Some companies may reinforce or strengthen recycled asphalt with small amounts of virgin asphalt.

If you want to use old recycled asphalt for your driveway, contact a paving contractor or recycling company for your material today.

Where Do You Find Recycled Asphalt?

You may have a number of options for obtaining the recycled asphalt you need for your driveway. You can hire a paving contractor or paver to lay down your driveway for you, or you can purchase asphalt from a recycling company and do the job yourself. It may be easier for you to hire a paving contractor to lay down your driveway.

A paving contractor can obtain the correct amount of asphalt for your driveway. After a contractor obtains your recycled asphalt, they'll prepare your driveway for it. A contractor will remove your old driveway pavement and recycle the material at a later date. 

A paving contractor will most likely place your old asphalt pavement in a large enclosed roll-off dumpster until they can remove it from your property. The dumpster will prevent rainwater from soaking into the old pavement during the renovations. Water can make it more difficult to recycle your old asphalt in the future. 

After they prepare your driveway, a contractor will pave it. You may need to park your vehicles on the side of the road until the pavement dries. Recycled asphalt must take time to dry properly or it may become cracked or damaged as it cures. A contractor will discuss the best ways to keep your recycled driveway safe during the installation process. 

If you need information on how to use recycled asphalt for your driveway, contact a paving contractor, such as Boulder Recycled Aggregate