Exploring Food Waste Recycling

Two Things To Get You Started Making Money In The Scrap Metal Business

Recycling scrap metal is an excellent source to earn extra cash. With the growing trend towards being environmentally conscious, the scrap metal market can be a lucrative endeavor. Here are the two most important things to help you get started generating some extra income turning in scrap metal for cash. Scrap Metal Pricing Knowing what the current prices are for scrap metal can help you get a better deal. Prices will fluctuate depending on the market value at the time but can differ depending on the region of the country you live. Read More 

An Easy And Safe Way To Get Rid Of Waste Paper Documents

Storing documents in filing cabinets and boxes is becoming a thing of the past for most businesses. Not only does this method take up space, but it is terribly difficult to find particular documents when they are needed. To solve this problem, most companies are storing their documents electronically. This is safer and takes up less space, but these companies must still figure out a way to get rid of their paper documents, and here is one solution that many businesses are turning to. Read More 

An Introduction To E-Cycling: Disposing Of Your Old Electronics The Right Way

Advancements in technology have increased the size and the number of electronics that we use.  Televisions keep getting larger, computers are getting more advanced, and cell phones are commonplace in most households across America.  The technological improvements in our electronics have left us with some things that are obsolete: gone are the days of heavy tube televisions and computer monitors.  Many of these older televisions and monitors don't even support new technology, like Blu-ray or DVD players. Read More