Exploring Food Waste Recycling

About Cleaning Up A Junky Backyard & The Efficiency Of A Dumpster Rental

Did you develop a bad habit of throwing junk in the backyard and want an efficient way to get rid of it? The most efficient way to get rid of all of the junk is by tossing it into a big dumpster, which can be rented for as long as you need it. Below, learn how a big dumpster can make cleaning up a junky backyard efficient and what the rental costs. Read More 

Why Recycling Scrap Metal Is So Important For The Environment

Recycling metals is a critical part of reducing the human footprint on the Earth. While the process of recycling metal costs energy, the amount of energy required is lower than the energy necessary to smelt metal from scratch. Not only that, but by recycling metal, ore does not have to be mined from the Earth as frequently. While some metals do not need to be smelted to be reused, other metals need to be smelted down to more simplistic components so that the metal can then be used to create other products. Read More 

Electronics Recycling Services 101 | A Business Owner’s Guide

When you are in a business that has an office, you will go through an amazing amount of computer systems, printers, and other electronic waste through the years. This waste should always be kept out of the trash as much as possible as it is estimated that as much as 70 percent of toxic waste is a result of thrown away electronics. As a business owner who constantly deals with electronics that have reached the end of their lifespan, it is helpful to know about electronic recycling services. Read More 

Three Types Businesses That Can Benefit Most From Commercial Trash Removal

No matter who you are, trash is a part of life. While maintaining trash is important for a home, it's even more important for a business. Appearances are incredibly important, and trash problems can lead directly to lost revenue. That's why many businesses trust the job to a professional service. Here's a look at three types of businesses where trash removal could be especially helpful. Restaurants If there's one type of business industry that benefits from proper trash removal, it's the restaurant industry. Read More 

Common Mistakes People Often Make When Recycling At Home

Are you recycling items at home? This is a great way to save the environment, but there are some mistakes you could potentially be making. Though recycling may seem simple, it's not always so easy.  Not Removing the Lids from Your Containers There are two important reasons why you should remove lids from containers before recycling. For one, removing the lid makes the process of recycling much easier. But the lid of a container is usually made out of material that is different from the rest of the container. Read More